New App that Detect Signs Of Covid-19 by voice Analysis

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Many countries have reopened companies and offices, and employees may face a new morning habit, which requires answering some health questions, measuring their temperatures and examining their voices with a mobile phone. The Sound One app can make a quick decision based on the patient's voice and temperature, to send him home in case of suspicion of Covid-19.

Sound Health developed the application to confront the pandemic, and the company's CEO David Liu confirmed in his interview with the Future Monitor that the application does not diagnose the disease, but rather searches for symptoms that are ignored in the patient's voice.

"The disease and its symptoms affect different parts of your body," Liu told the Future Monitor. There are about 100 different parts of the body, the brain, jaw muscles, tongue, mouth, throat, even lungs and heart, all of which come together to give you the ability to speak. When the body suffers from symptoms of a disease, you will notice a change in the voice even in relation to the human ear, due to the physiological change that occurs and affects your ability to speak, that is, on your voice. ”

Companies are trying to take advantage of the new idea to be a cheaper and faster alternative to measuring a temperature or using an emerging corona virus test kit.

This was not the first application to screen for Covid-19, as researchers at Carnegie Mellon University launched a similar project, which analyzes users' voices for respiratory symptoms.

SI Global Cloud Storage will use the application on its 4,200 employees. Liu explained that the decision is for app users to take the questionnaire, measure the temperature and analyze the sound.

“Sound analysis provides a score and a risk assessment in three levels, low, medium and high,” he said. This indicates respiratory risks. Our role is limited to providing information to the owners of companies to create an evaluation form. We don't decide who stays in the house. ''

Liu reiterated that the application does not diagnose Covid-19, but rather that the company recently started examining patients with the emerging corona virus. Liu says the app checks the patient's respiratory symptoms, which are often caused by the disease.

"Our machine learning model showed an accuracy rate of over 70% for examining a change in voice that occurs in respiratory disease patients, from asthma to COPD," Liu said.

Liu reiterated that it has no comparison between nasal swabs and SoundOne. "We would never say that we have an alternative solution to the nasal swab, as it plays a fundamental role in the diagnosis," he said.

He added that the smear procedure is cumbersome, and will require employees at large companies such as SHI to wait for the results. Using the SoundOne app, employees need to emit sounds directly to the phone for only six seconds, draining less energy than a wipe in each employee's nose. Liu believes that relying on big data may improve his overall examination.

He said, "We found a lot of false negative results with nasal swabs, and I think that more information available to us will allow us to improve. You want to stop the disease as soon as the symptoms appear to prevent it from spreading."

Liu reiterates that he wants to have a non-invasive and simple application available for everyone to use. It is a good idea.

"It is important that we adopt this technology as widely as possible," Liu concluded.